Monday, July 12, 2010

Just 17 minutes.... and get your driving license renewed (PUNE)

Complaints .... no blog post since long time ! Trust me is no more fun time for me since past 4 months. My gtalk status is "Deadly Busy". But I am committed for sharing my knowledge. Here you go with some interesting stuff...

17 Minutes and get your driving license renewed.

I posted a comment on Face Book a few weeks ago and was very well appreciated by friends because I helped my father to get his driving license renewed in 17 minutes at Pune RTO Office.

Here is the summary of process-

1. Download the Renewal/Duplicate Application (Form 1, Form LLD) form from the website –
2. Fill up the form completely and carefully.
3. Carry: Before you go to RTO Pune, carry with you – Pen, White Paper, Glue Stick, a stapler with pins and change for 50, 100, 500, 1000 rupees.
4. Senior Citizen: In case you are a senior citizen, you also need to get a medical certificate of your fitness from the doctor. The recognize doctor is available at RTO Pune premises. He wears a “Rajesh Khanna” cap and any person at RTO Pune office can help you to find him. He carry no expression on his face, has an executive assistant to fill up the form. He seats under a tree or in a Maruti Van. His fees are Rs. 30 for the certificate. Else, you may also get serious certificate from your family doctor.
5. Supporting Documents: Original License, Application Form, 2 Photographs, Medical Fitness Certificate if applicable and supporting documents (if change of address) etc. and then please head up towards Block B.
6. Verification: Application needs to be verified from RTO officer before you pay fees and impressed your thumb on machine.
7. Application verification Q is difficult to find. But if you are heading Block B, then to your right hand, you will find a small window with about 5-7 people wandering around it. On the left side of window, Mr. Ganesh has pictured a "Heart Shape" for his lover Ms. Manjula..... Anyways....the RTO Lady Officer helps you to verify the form.
8. There are 9 instructions written on the wall on how to tie up an application. I believe all government offices in India are schooled in “Puneri Patya” !
9. Officer will verify the form, write fees on the form.
10. You will then move to Cash Counter. Pay fees… do not fight with the officers for the change. This instruction is applicable for any government office in India.
11. Please then go to the room adjacent to cash counter. They will take your photo and thumb impression on computer.  Thats it...done 17 minutes ... your duplicate/renewed license is done.
12. Driving License need to be collected from main building after 20 days.

I strongly believe that if you are a good citizen (not involved or wish to involve in any crime), you should get your work done peacefully. To my experience, people cry due to the perception that Government offices are meant to exploit them.  This is wrong perception - I got my new driving license, new passport, marriage certificate (only one) without help of any agent/ middlemen.

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Disclaimer: Writer of the blog post is not a RTO agent.  Content of this blog post are meant for education only.  Any action or decision based on this blog post is the sole responsibility of reader. Driving licenses are issued at discrition of Government of Maharashtra - Road Transport Office and writer is in no way challange their authority nor assure any outcome from this blog post.