Thursday, October 1, 2009

Process for change in name on passport after marriage

Well… wife Anurati holds copyrights for this blog post. About few months back, she asked me that she want to change name on her Indian Passport. Hence, we googled official website of Indian Passport Department to find out process and required documents. The step by step process followed by Anurati is written below.
1. Website – Go to FAQ section which answers all your questions. They have a helpline number as well as an email address of PRO of department. PRO answers to your email in less than 24 hours.
2. Documents required for change in name after marriage as per website are 1) Photocopy of the Husband’s passport and 2) Attested copy of marriage Certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage or an affidavit from the husband and wife along with a joint photograph in Annexure D format (available on the website). In case, you want to register your marriage (irrespective of when you got married), office is located at Central Building, near Sassoon Hospital, Pune Station. Marriage Certificates are issued computerized with name & address both written in English+Marathi.
3. Day1 – She took both of the above documents and went to Passport office, Pune located at near Symbiosys college at 10.00am. Huge Q in front of the main gain. However, she saw another Q where official facility of Passport Department to fill up and verification of application form is available. It costs Rs.35 for form filling and Rs.20 for verification. Anurati paid Rs.55 and got the appointment to submit form along with the documents on the next day at 11.00am. The date and time was printed on the form. The verification officer explained her on the documents to be attached along with the form which apart from above 2 documents includes-
a) Birth Certificate
b) Bank account with new name – Account statement entry more than 1 year.
c) Degree Certificate
d) Photographs (as per specifications)
4. All a, b and c can be challenged easily in case you write email to PRO as referred above before coming to Passport Office. Please do not argue with the verification officer since he is not your son. Just show him printout of the email.
5. Now, you may be thinking why Ambarish is advising educated people to get form filled up from someone who is arrogant, less educated compared to us, doubtful if he understands English. But, hold on – process written in the blog may help you to get name changed passport in 7 days. Swarthapudhe Ahankar Khshudra ahe (Jagadguru Masta Kalandarji - – Keep your ego outside while entering any Government office.
6. Day2 (appointment day) – Anurati went to Passport office sharp at 10.15am. She stood in the Q for about 35 minutes. The officer in the application submission window verified original documents, passport application and photocopies of the documents attached. Application was accepted with no questions and Anurati got new passport in less than 7 days. Carrying all original documents in MUST.
7. Change of Name on Passport will cost you Rs.1000 as charges. No bribe, no agent charges – Anurati got her passport at a total cost of Rs.1055 only.
Executive Summary –
- Total Expenses – Rs. 1055 - Total Time spent – Less than 1 hour in 2 days
- Change of Name Passport after Marriage received in – 7 days
- Mandatory documents – 2 Photographs, Husband’s Passport, Marriage Certificate

Disclaimer – The purpose of above blog post is only to share experience with blog readers. It should in no case be construed as “Expert Advise” or “guarantee” to get name change on the passport. The writer of the blog or any of his relative do not help/factor in passport services. Issuing/re-issuing/changing contents on passport is governed by relevant regulations of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and it is the passport department under Ministry of External Affairs, INDIA who holds complete authority to issue/reject/cancel/revoke etc. passport of any citizen of India. Reader of the blog may apply his own judgment before relying on information contained in this blog post. Writer of the blog will not be hold responsible for any outcome/result based on contents of this blog post.


  1. Was your case for new passport immediately after marriage or you guys applied after 1 year ??

  2. sometimes they ask you to publish your name change ads in newspapers. The agents charge you like hell from 500 - 2000. i suggest people try this
    They do it for 250/- in mumbai and even deliver the papers home.

  3. sometimes they ask you to publish your name change ads in newspapers. The agents charge you like hell from 500 - 2000. i suggest people try this
    They do it for 250/- in mumbai and even deliver the papers home.