Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 10 Tea Spots in Pune

Welcome to blog series from THE Ambarish !!! The first blog is dedicated to all "Tea Lovers". The blog page lists down Top 10 Tea Spots in Pune with its specialties, exact locations.
Here you go --- starts with Rank Number 10 .........
10. Bharat Natya Mandir Canteen - Decent taste, you may enjoy the tea with home-made wafers. Tea is served in old amrut-tulya style cups, but nice taste.
09. Priyadarshani Tapri - Old spot for BMCCians on BMCC road. It is unfortunate that I am rating Priyadarshani Tapri (also known as PD) on 9th spot since I drunk probably 1000 cups of tea on this spot.
08. Vahuman Cafe- Iranian Hotel. Always busy place. You may rarely see girls here, but good girl only. I guess these nice girls stay somewhere near Boat Club road. Good quality bun butter can be enjoyed with tea... can be used as stop over. The owner is old Irani baba-always keep on squeezing his say thank you to him after paying the bill, he will say "God bless you my dear son !!!". Located next to Jahangir Hospital. I dont loose chance to visit this cafe if I am travelling on road to Bund Garden.
07. Amba Bhuvan Amruta-tulya - One of my favorite tea spot. Located on Kumthekar Road --> inside a building opposite to New Sweet Home. Let your wife go to Tulshibaug for shopping and you can enjoy cups of tea here. Radio with frequency FM 101 is always turned on here. Small Amrita-tulya, but a great space for gossiping. I regularly visited this spot for about 3 years. Extra sugar in tea :(
06. Goodluck Cafe - Nice Tea, Bun Bread, Bread-omelets....try out anything here. A great spot to drink & eat. Popular since past 75 years. The cafe has three section- outside section (tables with white marble) is used only for TEA and snacks. No lunch/dinner served here. The room behind Cash Counter is used for both tea as well as lunch/dinner. The third section which is outside the hotel building, is used for lunch/snacks. You may go for Veg or Non-veg Samosa with Tea.
05. Tilak - Located on Tilak Road, next to Tilak Smarak Mandir. A popular tea spot for Behere Classes students and SPians. A good quality tea. Ample variety of cigarettes. You may go for Sabudana Vada with Tea. You can easily understand taste & quality of tea with its color. Nothing less than a perfect tea color.
04. Hotel Ashok - Unfortunate !!!!!!!!! This was Rank 1 for many years !! Since past 4 months, Hotel Ashok reduced ginger quantity in tea and also the boiling time, to cope up with increased popularity & rush. But still nice taste. This is a very old spot on Pune-Mumbai old Highway, located exactly opposite to Fugewadi Jakat Naka. Batata Vada-sambar (famous dish here) followed with Tea helps you to get fresh quickly. Sabudana Chiwda with Tea is also a great combo. If you have throat infection, do go for this spot. Ginger effect helps your throat to relax. Always go for 2 cups of tea. Slightly extra sugar.
03. Heaven Snacks - Superb tea. Same quantity, same quality, same taste, same 'kadak', same interior since past 15 years. All traffic duty vehicles stop their tempo under No Parking Board here and entire team along with Traffic Hawaldar enjoys tea free of cost. I dont suggest to go for snacks here as you may not find it hygienic. Located near More Vidyalaya/Paud Road Post Office (corner).
02. Mayurashwar Amruta-tulya: Top Top Top Top Class Tea !!! Fantastic Amrut-tulya. Just PERFECT Taste. You cant getter better tea than this. Clean...good space for collegians. Located exactly opposite to Garware College. Extremely popular among Garwareians. You will also get "EK NUMBER" quality and yummy 'cream rolls'.
01. SUNIL TEA : And Rank One goes to most popular "Sunil Tea Stall' - Next to Kamla Nehru Park. A perfect colored Tea, appropriately boiled, always fresh are some of the features. Park your car or bike near Datta Mandir, walk for 50 meters to enjoy tea without any burden. Another specialty here is "HALAD DUDH"....superb taste...good for your throat.

Summary -
I suggest to try out all above spots since this is my personal ranking. Amruta-tulya tea have consistency in taste over the years and everywhere. But some people don’t like it due to extra sugar in tea. Some of the well known Amruta-tulyas & Tea Spots in Pune are -
1. Amba Bhuvan - Kumthekar Road 2. Tilak Road- opp. Tilak Smarak Mandir (good one) 3. Amruta tulya next to Hotel Lajjat, Sadashiv Peth 4. Amruta tulya opposite Poona Hospital (hide behind some fruit stall). 5. Special Amruta tulya located near Kunte Chauk, Lakshmi Road 6.Central Cafe - Next to Panchali Hotel, J. M. Road and 7. Garden Cafe- Off Moledina Road
I can also consult you on purchasing tea powders of non-packaged tea. Few popular shops in Pune are -
1. Maharashtra Tea Depot - Best BEST BEST, Mandai and Paud Road (near Sai Driving School) 2. Tea Emporium - Near Tulshibaug-Mandai Road (next to Anokha), Kothrud- HDFC Bank ATM
3. Mumbai Tea Depot - Next to Datta Mandir on Dagdusheth Ganpati Mandir Road
4. National Tea Depot, Mandai

Please do not hesitate to connect me if you need any assistance to locate any of the place above.
Cheers! ~Ambarish Vaidya

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  1. Yek Number.
    You forgot "Ambika" on Tilak Road next to Shakti Sports.
    Try the tea there. Ajunahi kaatil chaha asto.
    Chaha+BD sathi ek number thikaan. Samosas are good.

  2. Tilka la Wada-Sample pan lai bhari milato... mast tarri marun kat aani wada. And Vishwa la pan chaha changla milato, ekdum kadak

  3. Thats a good start!!! :)
    Nice blog!

  4. yep..I would agree about few on the list though I feel the quality of the tea in few have degenrated ..may be next blog can be about eating or about Boards..Since you have mentioned " Read all boards on Rail Station, Public Place, Airport wherever possible. Highly networked with "..sounds interesting

  5. Ambya- I appreciate your effort in posting this blog and you being a true lover and connoisseur of tea i really dont doubt your judgement in this. I would still have been happier if you had given PD a better rating.:) Emotional attachement mhanun..!lols..
    Nice one though...thanks for sharing it with all..hope people go by your judgement and try few of those!

    Cheers to Puneri Tapri Chaha..

  6. lai bhari amba...nonveg items (food) sathi pan asach ekhada blog houn jaude..

  7. Lai bhari amba...nonveg item (food) ek asach blog houn jaude

  8. Shall we call that "Tea Stalls - Pune :: Complete Reference" ...
    Very good info! :)

  9. Hey nice blog, but there is a typo in it, the name should be Amrut - Tulya and not Amruta - Tulya

  10. Yes i also noted typo mistake the name should be Amrut - Tulya and not Amruta - Tulya or it is a new stall open in pune with name Amruta - Tulya

  11. Missed 'TRUPTI' at Gyaneshwar Paduka Chowk FC Road...

  12. Hi..thanks for sharing top 10 tea spots in Pune. And if anyone wants to celebrate this coming new year in a happening way, then check out the best new year party in Pune, there are lots of parties and events happening in this city.

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