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Thank you for your terrific response on my first blog!!! Here you go with a second helpful knowledge share for YOU. This may prove useful for those who are going for a Business Visa through their employer. The process given below is based on my as well as my colleagues’ experience and hence many minute details have been quoted.
  • Application for Business Visa - Many companies, especially located in non-metro forward your application for Business Visa through authorized service provider of United States of America consulate, called – “VFS Global Services” (visit or helpline 022 66547600) No documents need to be supported since it is an online application.
  • Be extremely careful while providing information on any of item in the application form. You always get Interview Date and time after successful submission of Application Form and deposit of visa fees. I assume that these administrative activities will be taken care of by your HR or Admin Department.
  • Interview Day -
    A detailed process flow of interview day. Read carefully…trust me at least 95% of the process will be exactly as below.
    1. VFS Global Services Mahalaxmi Office – Reach at least 45 minutes before scheduled interview time. (Exactly opposite to Mahalaxmi Temple)
    2. Car Parking (in case you are carrying your own car)– No Parking in front of VFS office. I recommend you to park your car near Mahalaxmi Race Course. 10% chance that you may get place to park (Mumbai-style cut-to-cut) near an adjacent lane near (government colony). Extremely less chance that you get parking place on/near Pader Road.
    3. Do – Carry 1) your Original Passport, 2) Visa Fees Paid receipt (HDFC), 3) Invitation Letter from your customer/parent office 4) Interview Confirmation Letter 5) Sponsorship letter of your office 6) Income Tax returns for 3 years 7) Latest offer letter/increment letter and salary slip as your income proof 8) Rs.200 (change) for snacks coupon to be purchased. 9) Another 200 bucks for emergency expenses. 10) Only a carry bag or folder containing these papers.
    4. Do not – carry 1) Mobile Phones 2) Money Coins 3) Any electronic devise 4) Any bag or pouch or wallet. This will help you to pass all security check-posts quickly.
    5. Dress Code- Wear only formals. Tie/Blazer not necessary. If possible, wear a trouser without Belt. (since you are required to remove belt at a security check-post at consulate.
    6. Even if you see a long queue outside VFS office, show your interview confirmation letter to Security officer, they will let you in. Then, join the queue inside.
    7. Purchase (compulsory) coupon of Rs. 200 which will be used for VFS services and snacks – (1 Coffee and 1 sandwich). For any reason, if you are carrying ‘Don’t carry’ item mentioned in 3 above, join the Locker Queue next to toilet. It is a free service, but always busy and time consuming.
    8. Seat in the waiting room. Enjoy Coffee Day’s coffee and 1 sandwich. Preferably seat in the first row inside the room. VFS officers are friendly. They will call out ‘Interview Time’ about 20 minutes before the scheduled time.
    9. Join the queue again which will take you to the main door again where you can easily see a bus. Seat in the Bus. VFS officer will ask you to take out Passport and Interview Letter (only) without Fees Paid receipt and keep the same in your hand.
    10. Bus will take you to US Consulate. Once you reach consulate, you will see the crowd.
    11. VFS officer will connect you to the main queue. Note – no help/questions are entertained by security officer or any other officer from here. Go inside.
    12. Security Check here – Since you are not carrying mobile phones, electronic devices etc., security officers will quickly let you in. Wear the belt.
    13. Once you enter in Your Right - Consulate officer (lady) will check your passport and interview letter. She will then take out a ready envelop (green color) and will ask you to go to counter 1 (your left from door), corner – You need to give impression of your all fingers. They will take your passport and interview letter and will give you a token.
    14. Carry token (usually pink color) and wait for your token number call out. Do not go to washroom since sometimes your token may be called out immediately. Consulate does not have electronic display board. There are about 14 cabins. Interviews for Business Visa usually scheduled at Counter 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. The interview officers announce token number. Be careful and attentive. Sometimes we may not follow US English accent.
    15. Once you get into interview room, be confident. Answer all questions asked considering a normal human conversation.
    16. Strong Tip here- The interviewing officer will ask you questions based on the information written on YOUR APPLICATION FORM. Trust me…. This is applicable for any interview in this world. Hence, YOU are the best person to answer any question.
    17. Example questions – What is your current income? Why are you travelling to US? How many days will you stay in US? Which part – Chicago, San Francisco etc. ? What is your educational qualification? Give information about your Company or your customer …… All these questions, YOU can answer after reading Visa Application Form.

    Guru-Mantra: In my opinion and experience, if we meticulously study our Visa Application form, we should be able answer all questions.

    Request - Please add your experience in the list by email me at
    All the best.

    ~Ambarish Vaidya
    Chartered Accountant

    Disclaimer- The information contained in this blog is meant to help reader. This blog does not guarantee success to get any visa for United States of America. Reader of the blog may apply his own judgment while preparing for Visa Interview and writer of this blog is in no way responsible for any action taken and also cannot guarantee correctness of any statement written here above. Issuing Visa for United States of America is solely at the discretion of USA Consulate in India, Foreign Affairs Ministry of USA and/or any other competent authority on this behalf authorized by Government of USA. This blog should not be read as Expert Opinion or Guidelines to get visa for USA or any other country for that purpose.

    1. Helpful blog! Can be used as checklist. Good one!

    2. Interesting blog. Check list helped me when I went for VISA Interview and I have cracked it confidently. Thanks Ambrish....

    3. I can vouch for almost every word that you've written..though mine was an I Visa ( Journalist ) No Waiting..No need for snacks etc...and not many questions.....perks of being a journoooooo......hahahahaaa
      cheers and keep them comingggg

    4. Really helpful :) I just read this blog and at the time of interview only read the form that I had filled. Nothing else. The result is "PASS"

      Thanks a lot AMBARISH