Friday, August 7, 2009

EAT PUNE !!! – (Part 01)

Heavy demand….heavy demand….to pen down all popular eating points in PUNE. The special blog chain hereafter attempts to analyze these famous spots. Here you go with Part I with your hungry tummy for ‘SABUDANA KHICHADI’, ‘KACHORI’, ‘SABUDANA WADA’ and ‘FRUIT PLATE’.
Sabudana Khichadi –
1. Janaseva Dugdhamandir: My favorite…. Lovely khichadi… I am ready to give you company anytime. Typical Puneri Bramhin style (Konkanastha). This should be called as a ‘Perfect Khichadi’. Note – Keep your ego outside on Lakshmi Road. You cannot expect the owner to give you special importance. It is your duty to speak clearly (“Spashta ucchar”) before you buy token. Self Service…enough quantity for your breakfast. Add up special “Janaseva kharvas” after khichadi. Located on Lakshmi Road, opposite Bombay Dying, near Garud Ganpati. Parking for two wheeler should not be a problem here.
2. Gujju brothers’ stall at Ravivar Peth: Recently tasted by me. Excellent taste. This is located near Bohri Ali in Ravivar Peth. Park your bike outside Bohri ali (lane) and instead of turning to Bohri Ali, walk 100 meters ahead towards a chauk and you can easily find crowd near a tapir. They serve two types of Khichadis – sadhi & special. Special Khichadi includes sabudana khichadi + batata chivda + kachori… mixed perfectly and hence taste is interesting. You may try out some cold-drink like Wala Sarbat, Limbu Sarbat, Khaskhas Mastani on an adjustant stall here.
3. Shree Snacks (Misal): Good Khichadi. Again a bramhni taste. I rate it as better than Bedekar Misal’s Khichadi. Located off Kumthekar Road (behind Chitale Bandhu).
4. Shri Krishna Bhuvan: This belongs to my uncle’s best friend. Nice taste. Try out fresh (always) buttermilk after Khichadi. Misal is also famous here. Located in Tulshibaug. Close between 1.30 to 5.30.
5. Stall next to Bedekar Ganpati Mandir: Good khichadi. Open only for morning breakfast. Located near Bedekar Ganpati Mandir on Paud Road.
6. Appachi Khichadi: Old spot. You may try this out because of its name. Thik-thak taste. But very popular. Located behind PYC Hindu Gymkhana, Deccan.
7. Janaseva Dugdhamandir: Coconut (wet) made Kachori. Good Taste. Read other details referred in #1 above.
8. Shegaon Kachori: Famous Kachori of Shegaon (Maharashtra) Station. Located next to PMPML Deccan Bus Stop (main), near Pulachi Wadi.
9. Hotel Vaishali: Popular for Kachori (wet-coconut made) for Breakfast J.
10. Purohit Sweets: Located at Ravivar Peth, Bohri Ali.
Sabudana Wada
11. Sreenath Sabudana Wada: Always surrounded with Sabudana-wada fans ! Located at Bohri Ali, Ravivar Peth
12. Prabha Vishranti Gruha – Narayan Peth – good old place near Kesari Wada.
13. Manohar – Good one… typical Konkanastha Bramhin style sabudana wada. Located near Mehendale Gaur age, Nalstop.
14. Mahila Udyog – Nice taste. This shop is run by Anath (senior) Mahila. You may also try out Pohyacha Chivda & Besan Ladu here. Sabudana Wada has got a decent taste.
Fruit Plate-
15. Kamla Nehru Park – Two choices – Full consist of 4-5 fruits whereas Half consist of 2 fruits. Interesting spot located outside Kamla Nehru Park (next to my favorite Sunil Tea House). You may top your fruit plate with Delhi Chat Masala. Parcel facility available. Full plate good enough for 1 person’s lunch. Typically Half plate contains ‘Papai’.

The special blog chain on “EAT PUNE” will limit each blog for 15 spots only, categorized food-wise.
Please forward me your suggestions/inputs/YOUR SPOTS.
Next in Action – EAT PUNE - Part 02 may bless all with ‘Samosa’,’Pav-Patis’, ‘Pav-Bhaji’, ‘ Vada-Pav’ and ‘Cold Coffee’….stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide reader with interesting food spots in Pune. The spots referred in the blog have only been recommended by writer and unfortunately, he does not hold any control on reader’s tongue ;). It also does not mean that writer never eats at home or writer’s wife cannot cook the food. Please talk to writer before making any perception in this regard.


  1. Fruit plate @ tilak road- near SP college

  2. I'm a Khawaiyya too........

    Sabudana Khichadi......indeed Janseva serves probably the best quality Khichadi..... these days they have started serving Chutney too......and next in order could be Appa's Khichadi(they call it KhiKa...meaning Khichadi Kakadi) I've not tried the other places you mentioned.

    Kachori.......there are two totally different types of Kachoris I know of....... one is "Upavasachi Kachori (UK)" which is made of coconut. I think Prabha Vishranti Gruha serves a very good quality UK. Then there is our usual Kachori. Apart from Shegaon (which I've not yet tried) and Purohit's Kachori (which I am not going to try since his food quality has started deteriorating since past couple of years or so) which you have mentioned, I would add Sagar Sweets' (on Karve Road, near petrol pump) Kachori here. There is one more type of Kachori.......small round shaped can get them @ Karachi Sweet in Arora Towers, Camp. They serve this with a very tasty Chutney.

    Sabudana Wada.........I think Janseva too serves a very good quality Sabudana Wada.

    Fruit Plate......yes you get good ones on Tilak Road too!!


  3. Appachi Khichadi has become a turn off these days, we Puneities just go blindly by name are not good in giving constructive feedback to make sure the quality is maintained and rightly priced. If it would not have been Appa chi Khichadi I doubt anyone of us would go to that shabby place, which doesnt look anything near to hygenic and have not been renovated or even cleaned for last 50 years!! When I ended up going there recently I tried the Poha as Khihadi was over. His Poha served in dirty looking white saucer was charged Rs 22 + 5 extra for some chutney.. now thats a pricey Poha to eat at a such a unhygenic place. Appa or the manager someone in dirty unwashed clothes was offended by my feedback for his Poha!! Well Appahi Khichadi is just one of the similar cases in Pune where people throng due to its name and even when quality deteriorates. Instead to blindly following the culture why not give such places a good constructive feedback so they do some introspection and provide quality food like their ancestors? To name a few Blue Nile, Marjorin, Tareef ,some of the misal,bhel joints are in the same league as Appa where prices have shot up and quality has gone down..but they still do brisk business coz we consider them gods!