Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EAT Pune - 03: Ten Puneri/Maharashtrian Thali Spots in Pune

EAT PUNE -03: I think all my blog fans hungrily look forward for this series of post. Here you go with third part of the EAT PUNE series. We will check out typical puneri (maharashtrian) thalis here-
1. Poona Boarding House: Keep your ego outside at Peruget Police Chauki. A perfect and top class maharashtrian thali should be your objective/aim in your mind before you enter Poona Boarding. As a qualification to enter Poona Boarding, you should have ability to digest insult. Kaka (owner) keeps on squeezing customers more than his waiters. Having understood qualification and environment at Poona Boarding, forget the world around (including your lunch partner) and enjoy the best class puneri thali. Pre-paid service, follow discipline, obey orders of manager and sometimes even of waiters. Located diagonally opposite to Peruget Police Chauki in Sadashiv Peth.
2. Badshahi Boarding: Good quality puneri thali. Remember when you were in 3rd standard, your mother, father, grandma, grandpa and all others more than your age were entitled to squeeze you on your eating habits. Mr. Chatre Kaka (owner) is a strict grandpa. I suggest you to keep your mobile phone off while entering the hotel. There are at least 15 “Instruction Boards” hanged on the wall of Badshahi. Badshahi Boarding is almost 100 years old. Mr. Chatre bought it from Mr. Moghe sometime in 1929. I remember my friend got chewed out from Mr. Chatre kaka for talking on the phone while eating. You are prohibited to talk loudly while eating…in fact there is no reason why you should talk while eating such fantastic thali. Located on Tilak road opposite Shakti Sports.
3. Asha Dining Hall: Recently tasted by me with my Approva colleagues. Good taste of thali. I think this thali was a best mix of Maharashtrian + South Indian thali. Excellent quality Rassam. Rotis are also good. Do try “Sitaphal Rabdi” as desert! It is yummy. Located at Apte Road (next to old ICICI Bank, Shivajinagar Branch).
4. Janaseva Bhojanalaya: Very popular and old dining hall. Located at deccan gymkhana (now Sambhajinagar), opposite Sambhaji Statue.
5. Poona Guest House: Another popular and old dining hall located at Lakshmi Road. Same test over past 20 years since I know taste of the food.
6. Suvarnarekha Dining Hall: I remember that my brother and me partied here when he bought his bicycle. The canal road connecting Prabhat Road with Law college road was known as “Chor Rasta” (small road where Jakkal Sutar and his gang use to smoke cigars). We travelled double-seat on his bicycle on this completely dark road at 8.00pm. I didn’t get chance to taste out here since long time, but seriously planning to drop down there on some day. Located on Prabhat Road, Ghodke Chauk.
7. Krishna Dining Hall- Bhakti Marg, Law College Road. Nice taste.
8. Hotel Shreyas- Most popular spot for maharashtrian thali in pune. Owned by CHITALE. Wallet parking available. Satisfying test. Clean, neat and professional service. In pune since more than 50 years I guess…. Also known as dining hall for“Executive Class” people. Located on Apte Road. 9. Rasoi Thali- Typical shaniwar peth style thali. Located next to Vishnukripa Hall in Shaniwar Peth. 10. Durvankur Dining Hall: I don’t like this taste. They make everything spicy and oily as well. But still a popular spot since last decade. I don’t know why.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide reader with interesting food spots in Pune. The spots referred in the blog have only been recommended by writer and unfortunately, he does not hold any control on reader’s tongue ;). It also does not mean that writer never eats at home or writer’s wife cannot cook the food. Please talk to writer before making any perception in this regard.


  1. Ambya...Keep up the good work of sharing your eating out :) experiences with us. Next time, do try Tarachand Bhagat, opposite to commonwealth building, Laxmi road. Food is amazing and moreover number of waiters are more than number of guests,hence quick service.

  2. are ambyaa....Durvankur chyaa oppose madhe lihu nakos.....Mankar Kaka yeun full dhulai karatil tuzi....:):):)

  3. Very informative post. Bustling and commercial, leafy and slow, cosmopolitan and vintage, Pune effortlessly adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It is a city where history often asserts itself, but with a careless lightness. Check out all Oyo rooms in Pune also.