Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Dont I fight on the Road!!! :) :) :)

Last two weeks were hectic – both at office as well as at social life! 4th Anniversary of Pune West Study Circle of ICAI was celebrated enthusiastically with presence of Mr. Anil Singhvi- Markets Editor, CNBC Awaaz and Mr. Rahul Arora, BloombergUTV. Arun Anandagiri addressed his final impactful words to jam packed audience before code of conduct for ICAI-Central Council Election, 2009 came into force.
Then, on 4th September, I went to Mumbai to attend meeting of committee of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in India of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It was the same boring meeting with political agenda peeping in and N C Hegde, Chairman of the committee with Shardul Shah (whose father was former WIRC chairman) trying to disagree with each other.
Meeting finished at 1.00pm and then I started my car from ICAI – Western Headquarters, Cuffe Parade in Colaba, Mumbai. It was raining and traffic jammed due to a quarrel between a bhaiya taxiwala and MH 09 Scorpio at President Hotel chauk. The driver of MH09 Scorpio (number plate photographed with Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar) crossed road lane wrongly and both of them spent at least 10 minutes (of mine of course) with bollywood style Hindi. A policeman negotiated the matter in 10 seconds by his routine method. That remembered me another similar incidence where I acted (not negotiated) as an arbitrator and hence inspired me to write on “Why don’t I fight on the Road?”-
Time 8.00pm – Wednesday of May- Venue: MIT College Road. Traffic suddenly halted 2 cars ahead of mine. Since it was a small lane, traffic can’t move if the battle between a 70 years old man – Maruti 800 – MH 12 AN versus 20 years young man-Black Honda City MH 12 (second hand) does not get resolved. I got out of my car to volunteer the battle. Both were arguing with loud voice. No one was defending. Both parties attacking (verbally) each other, but the “Aai Mai” abusing was about to start. I stopped them and took position of an umpire. I asked 4 questions -
1. Are both of you safe? – Both said…safe and no injuries.
2. Are both cars safe? – Both said…no problem with car…problem is with his driving.
3. Mr. Black Honda City MH 12 (second hand)- are you father of this 70 years old man? He laughed and said NO, I am still a virgin.
4. Mr. Maruti 800 MH12 AN – are you father of this young man? He said NO, my son drive with perfect discipline.
The temperature in the air was down by 80 cel. Degrees after 4 questions. Then I knocked my thoughts – “If none of you are father of the either party, why the heck are you fighting in the middle of road? Looking at Honda city guy, I said "Why this Maruti 800 man should agree with your thoughts if he is not your son?" Turning back to Mr. Maruti 800 uncle, why do you lose your peace to educate Mr. Black Honda City on road discipline? Remember – Your personal interest is important than your ego – ‘Swarthapudhe Ahankar Kshudra Ahe’” The traffic then self moved on in few seconds, but none of the two drivers greeted me for these great thoughts.
I do remember that I used to be angry young man like Mithunda….enjoyed opening dictionary of “Marathi Shivya – Aai…mai…bahin…bhikari…all other human body parts”. But if you analyze the cost-benefits out of the transaction, you will realize that you win if you forgive pathetic drivers and lose if you start battling them. I have seen few drivers roaring their vehicle on the driver breaking traffic signal. I don’t know why they want to do this social activity of teaching. Cost-benefit analysis here is – If someone breaks the signal and I roar my car on him/her, possibility 1- the other vehicle may stop in fear (30 seconds gone) or possibility 2 - driver may fall down after losing control on the vehicle (5 minutes gone) or possibility 3 – both parties may indulge in verbal/physical abuse. Don’t you compute value of your time. Calculate how much you are paid to mentor your subordinates in your office per minute. And here you intend to spend your costly minutes worth may be 2000 bucks!!???. Allow such drivers to pass on (2 seconds only). Thus you can save upto 4 minutes and 58 seconds!!!! Of course, value of mental peace you earn is incomputable!!
My principle is simple – I am not his/her father. Why should I teach traffic lesson free of cost? Let the driver breaking traffic rule get punished from Policeman or get banged into an accident. Ultimately, “Swarthapudhe Ahankar Khudra Ahe” – Jagadguru Shri Masta Kalandarji (see his advices at -

Disclaimer- Extract of IFRS Committee meeting writer attended was referred here with no political intentions। If chartered accountants blog fans request writer to write a funny blog post on politics in Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, writer would love to do that। This blog post therefore should not be considered as presentation by authorized agent of contesting central council candidate from Pune- CA। Arun Anandagiri.

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